Monday, 17 November 2014

Elements of Art

There are many elements of drama which can be connected. In our play "Gumba War of 2000 and Gumba" we used many elements to make it  easy to hear.

Voice and Drama connect because you need your voice to make a scene and so the audience knows what you are doing. They are connected because a play needs these elements to create it so it is top quality. In our play we use different voice tones.

Voice and Tension go together because you say something then have a breath then say the rest to build up to the climax and make it interesting. For example when I said wait, I stopped and then started and said you could hurt someone.

Overall, in my play we learnt to turn our body to face the audience to make our voice project more so the audience knows what we are saying, for example we used orientation. I think our play went well because the people who recorded it understood it. In future we could shorten the play.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Term 3 Centennial Garden

Do you like the sound of FREE VEGETABLES?  Keep reading...

Last term we heard, through Mr Anderson that Waimairi School had a vegetable garden at the back of the field past the post a long time ago. We interviewed Mr Brown who was a student in the early 1940s who helped with the school Vege garden. They grew potatoes, carrots, parsnips and pumpkins. 

During the war they distributed vegetables to the people who needed them.  Every Saturday morning, the senior boys of the school took the vegetables around to people's houses who needed them. Senior girls were often at these houses babysitting while the mums were out shopping. This was because all the men were out fighting in the war and the mothers needed help.

We have designed and created a vege garden at school outside room 16. We planted beetroot, lettuces, radishes, peas, beans, strawberries, tomatoes, silver beet , coriander and basil. We want to encourage others to eat vegetables and give them away when they are ready just like they did at school during the war.

We wonder if anybody in the future people will remember our garden of 2014 like the garden at school during the war 

At the start of the term we hardly knew anything about backstories, so we couldn't uncover, connect or showcase. We felt nervous to start the project. The main turning point is the interviews and Gantt chart which helped our understanding to change majorly. We feel proud of our project.

    Learning Story
By Jordan and Tane R17.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Minecraft Book (1)

Ender Dragon

Chapter 1
Let's Have Fun

It was an ordinary day, it was raining outside so Jordan and his friends decide to play minecraft on computers."Yes, almost done," says Ethan,
"Done what?" says Josh 
"I've found the end portal," Ethan says. 
"Oh,” says Josh. 
"So you found the end portal," says Jordan 
"Yes,” says Ethan "So all we need is to make a nether portal -” But Jordan couldn't finish his sentence because it was all rudely interrupted by Harry:
"I found diamonds! I found diamonds!"
"Mine it then," says Lucas 
"Oh it's lapis," says Harry. Everything was going well until..."Ahh someone hit me. Thhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeee issssss aaaa figure in the the darkness," 
"Don't worry I'll look at my map. Lucas you’re the closest - break four blocks to your left," says Jordan. Lucas mines four blocks left. "Harry what sword and armor do you have?" says lucas, 
"Iron sword and full budder armor," says Harry. 
"He's got full diamond armor and sword but I've got full iron armour and sword," says lucas. 
"Between the two of us we can kill him," says Harry
Chapter 2 out next week.

P.E with Mrs Jones.

I have been playing Soccer in PE with Mrs Jones. Before I didn't know the rules properly but I knew how to shoot properly and defend. I am learning to learn the rules. I find it easy to defend and strike. Goal keeping is harder in small goal. I am using relating to others because I was using teamwork

Monday, 15 September 2014

Monster catch (1)

Chapter one.
Once there was a big big hairy monster called Jeffrey.
 At night time he would go around and petnap all of the pets. All of the villige people were having a pet day then the big big bad hairy jeffrey moster came stomping out he punched and waked all of the pets then picked them up with his hands and tock them to his cave but then
Three boys called Bruce
,Rudi,and Bob.came walking by and said.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Knights v Piranhas

Do you ever crack under pressure? like when you get given the ball and you're on the wing and you pass the ball next to you and then you realize that you pass to no-one. Or when you're not concentrating properly and you have the ball and drop it. Or you watch the super rugby final and watch Richie McCaw come on illegal angle and you usually play well and not fall apart.     

On one particular day we were undefeated . I was wearing my Christchurch top, socks and mouthguard with my shorts and headgear.
We were up against the Sumner Piranhas we had beat them once but by a try.

I saw lots of people when I arrived at McCormacks Bay I saw my team and the beach I walked slowly and I shook in my boots watching the opposition practice they must of played here a million times. I was walking on the field, I notice there was a cameraman videoing our game. 

Mitch and I were talking about how small the field was. It was about 40m long and 15m wide with patches of grass. We did all our warm up exercises then our coach said “Game Time!”. It was at the start of the game, We were winning by 2 try's thinking we were going to win by miles. 

At half time our coach said you might be winning by two tries but you're in for a tight match.  You only won by one try last time you played these guys. 

Back on the field for the second half we realized that the coach was right.  They scored two tries and the match was close.

The last two minutes of the game would be the decider.  they kick off we take the ball but we drop it knowing it was a big mistake. I was worried that they were going to score.  Their first-five runs through everyone. Panic went through my body as they scored again. And then A sigh of relief as Mitch crossed the line,scoring for us. Then They were defending their try line. suddenly out of nowhere Mitch intercepts the ball and dives over the line as the whistle blows. We win!

Don't think your going to win by miles, you could be under pressure, and you might crack. 

I am learning to write a speech using lots of different rubrics for particular things.
How am I going.  I am going well because I'm using lots of rubrics and using ideas.
My next steps are to move up on my latest rubric
I think my thinking is multistructural
 because I used the word because.